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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Cloud Series 2

Aside from flowers and gardens, I always look up above to see how clouds are forming wherever I go.  I always have this thinking that clouds carry messages so that when I look at them, it gives me a sense of completeness.  Some of the great formations I have seen, though not as astounding, but gives me a sense of connection with my Creator, my parents and those closest friends of mine who left this wonderful world. 

Prachuap Khiri Khan

Joan Eli:  I know Jonathan that you could still pursue your dream even without me.  I did not finish my book about you, but in my heart, our story will never have an end.  (colleague, co-educator, friend)


Sid Hildawa:  You look at things with no direction.  Jonathan find your place in this world and do what you intend to do.   Be honest and be yourself.   Remember that we made a journey together to find ourselves. ( architect, friend)


Lim Teng:  They didn't tell you when I passed away but I know you were there in spirit and that you always hold me dear in your heart.  ( grandmum)

Doi Tung, Chiangrai

Dan Lertsmitivanta:  Remember Jonathan that everyone has the right to be better and even great, regardless of their colour or status in life.  Be bold and never let people put you down. ( enterpreneur, friend)

Anilao, Batangas

Li Lao Shr :  You were and the only male teacher of our school and I am mighty proud of you.  I talked and placed great importance when I am invited to school function saying that you, Jonathan, will be a great teacher.  ( school principal )

Nonthaburi Pier

Jed Yumang:  Hey Jonathan, I did not know that you have a crush on me but thank you.  I cherish your friendship and that short walk along Victory Monument during the rain is also a cherished moment. ( air traffic controller, friend)


Joaquin Yu:  I never told you directly that I love you as my son.  I only mentioned it to our helper.  Yes, you are also a beloved son of mine and I thank you for your kindness.  (dad)

Thong Pha Pum

Josefina Yu:  I will always watch you my son, the same way you watched over me when I was in the hospital for Christmas.  We had fun, and will continue that moment when we see each other again. (mum)

All loved, and still in my heart.  One day... till we meet again.